These Are 5 Things That Can Happen We Are Sleeping

The human body is amazing because when they sleep they don’t know leave. When we are busy dreaming, the body is still working. The symptoms of the body when humans sleep are that blood pressure drops, breathing slows, muscles relax and release hormones, including those that help humans grow and develop, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Besides the muscles stop working and the body can’t move, there are other things that happen to our body while sleeping. Curious?

1. Leptin and ghrelin hormones begin to starve due to work

According to the Hormone Health Network, when we sleep, our digestive system continues to regulate the levels of the hormone leptin and gherin. Ghrelin hormone functions as controlling appetite, aka a hungry barrier. While leptin hormone as a regulator of long-term food intake for energy expenditure, why only once a meal continues to move.

When we lack sleep, the two hormones lose their balance, which results in us eating a lot if we stay up all day. So these two hormones are behind the events of why people gain weight due to staying up late.

2. The process of restoring muscles and bones

The reason for sick people is told to take a lot of rest because sleep is a natural workshop for the body. When sleeping, our body releases human growth hormone (HGH) to see some shuteye  that can regenerate muscles and bones.

This situation is dominated by the workings of natural adrenaline and corticosteroids. But when we go to sleep we turn to negative conditions, conditions where energy conservation, improvement and growth take over. What happens is that adrenaline and corticosteroids decrease and the body produces human growth hormone (HGH).

3. Increased immune system

According to the National Cancer Institute, when we sleep, our bodies release certain proteins that help fight infections, one of which is tumor necrosis factor (TNF) which is believed to kill several types of cancer cells.

Tumor Necrosis Factor is a protein made by white blood cells in response to antigens (substances that cause the immune system to make specific immune responses) or infections. Its function is to increase a person’s immune response, and can cause necrosis (cell death) of several types of tumor cells.

“Based on studies of adults, people who often stay up late in moderate amounts can reduce the level of white blood cells that function to form the immune system”, according to the Daily Mail

Whereas people who are still literate until 3 o’clock in the morning have a third less cellscontaining tumor necrosis factor (TNF) the next day.

4. Skin improves itself

The top layer of the skin is made of dead cells that are constantly shed during the daytime. Sleeping during the day won’t affect skin regeneration, the effect is felt at night. During the day, the energy needed to repair the network is diverted to something else.

During deep sleep conditions , the speed of skin metabolism increases and body cells show increased production and reduced protein breakdown.

Protein is a building block needed for cell growth and repair damage from factors such as ultraviolet light, so that deep sleep is a time for skin to repair itself.

5. The body starts cleaning the internal organs

The term organ in doing cleansing is detoxification. Detoxification is the process of removing toxins in the body. The detoxification process usually starts at 23:00 to 1:00 in the morning.

This happens because during the daytime debris and damaged tissue is discharged into the bloodstream. In literacy conditions, most of the waste will be discharged through the lungs, kidneys, intestines and skin.

Sometimes when it reaches a saturation point, the body will warn us to reduce waste production to replenish lost energy, this is what causes us to become tired and flat.

During sleep, the cells and tissues that break down produce toxic waste which then becomes less active. This is an opportunity to rebuild a damaged network.

So that’s our body’s activities while sleeping. The goal is good for humans, it’s just that we don’t realize. So stop being strong by not sleeping.

11 Ways to Easily Make Lines in Microsoft Word

A diagram is a graphical display that contains numerical information. The diagram will be very useful for translating numerical data in a document to describe data in the form of comparisons and trends, so that it is easier to understand by those who read it.

To make a diagram of numerical data, you can use various spreadsheet software . One of them is issued by Microsoft, namely Microsoft Excel. How do you make a diagram in Excel? Before that, we will explain the types of diagrams available in Excel first and how they look. Let’s see the discussion:

Type of diagram

There are several types of diagrams in Microsoft Excel that can be selected. So that you can use the diagram effectively, you must first understand the characteristics of each type of diagram. The following are the types of diagrams available in Excel:

Column diagram: this type diagram uses vertical bars to convey data.

Line diagram: this type diagram is useful for displaying trends. Data points are connected with lines. This can make it easier for readers to see whether a trend or some data tends to increase or decrease over time.

Pie diagram: as the name implies, this type diagram consists of a piece of circle that is likened to a pie slice. This diagram can facilitate the reader when comparing proportions, where each value is displayed as a piece of cake.

Bar Chart: This diagram is similar to a column diagram. The difference is this diagram uses a horizontal rod, not vertical.
Area Diagram: This diagram resembles a line diagram, but there are filled areas below the line.
Surface Diagram: with this diagram, it is possible to display data in a 3D (3-dimensional) view. This diagram is suitable for a large and large amount of data, which allows you to represent various information at the same time.
The parts in the diagram

You also need to understand how to read the diagram. The diagram itself contains several graphic elements that can help you to translate the implied data in the diagram. The following are the elements from the diagram:

Vertical Axis (also known as the Y axis): the vertical part of a diagram. This axis represents the value of the column.
Chart Title: This title describes the data that will be given by the diagram.
Horizontal Axis (also known as the X axis): the horizontal part of a diagram. The horizontal axis represents the category of information provided.
Data Series: This data series consists of related data points.
Legend (Legend): To identify each data series represented by different colors or shapes.

To add a diagram to Excel, you must select some data that you want to use as a diagram. The process of entering data into the diagram is quite easy. You don’t need to learn the complete Excel formula because it makes drawing diagrams in Excel easy to understand by beginners.

On this occasion, we will provide information about how to make a diagram in Excel. Make sure you have installed Microsoft Office on your computer or laptop. If not, it’s better to see first how to install Microsoft Office that we discussed earlier. Okay, let’s start the information:

1. Add a diagram

The first step you have to do is add a diagram to your Excel document. Here are the ways:

Prepare the data to be presented as a diagram.
After the data is ready, block all the data. The trick, select the table column at the top left corner.
Point the mouse cursor to the “Insert” tab, then select the desired diagram in the “Charts” group
Drag the mouse cursor to the type of diagram to be selected, then click the variant offered.
If so, the diagram also appears in Excel. Excel will display a special area filled with diagrams, this area is called the Chart Area

2. Modify the diagram

You can beautify the appearance of the diagram that you make in an Excel document. For example, you can change the type of diagram, rearrange the data source, or even change the appearance of the diagram that has been made. The following is the explanation:

Rearrange data diagrams:

This is a continuation after you have successfully added data to the table. Excel can indeed make diagrams from selected tables automatically. However, there are times when Excel incorrectly converts that data and you have to change it manually. Well, here’s how to rearrange the data in the diagram manually:

Click on the chart. Then on the “Design” tab, click “Select Data”.
In the “Select Data Series” dialog box, you will see two columns. The first column is the data from your table, while the second column is the category from your table. If you want to change the data source, then you click the “Edit” button in the first column. Whereas if you want to change the source category, click the “Edit” button in the second column.
In the “Edit Series” window, enter the names for the Series and the Values.
If so, click OK.
Exchange row and column data:

Sometimes, you need to change the way you group your diagram data. For example, there are income data for movies grouped by genre in 6 months. You want to exchange the data so that the data presented is in the form of a diagram based on the moon in 5 genres. In the second case, the diagram contains the same data, only presented in a different way. Here’s how to exchange it:

Select the diagram you want to change. The “Design” tab will appear on the right side of the Ribbon.
From the “Design” tab, click “Switch Row / Column”.
The rows and columns of the data are now reversed.

Change diagram type:

If the type of diagram you use doesn’t feel right for your data, you can change it to another type of diagram. Here’s how to change it:

Select the diagram you want to change. Next, the “Design” tab will appear.
From the *Design* tab-  click the *Change Chart Type* command.
A dialog box will appear. – then click OK.
A new type of diagram will be applied to your diagram.

Change layout diagram:

The layout of a diagram consists of several elements, including the title of the diagram and the data label. If you want to change the layout of your diagram, here’s how:

Select the diagram you want to change. The “Layout” tab will appear.
Select the “Layout” tab
You can choose the layout options provided on the “Layout” tab.
If you want to change some views, for example like the minimum and maximum numbers on the Y axis, select the component you want to change in the drop down menu in the “Current Selection” group. Then click “Format Selection”
Arrange the components that are changed to suit your preferences. If so, click “Close”
Now, your diagram layout has been updated according to the appearance of the new layout you set.

10 Negative Impacts of Internet Violence and Gore on Child Development

especially the world of the Internet has been very commonly accessed by anyone. Both parents and children can enjoy various things on the internet. For example, entertainment content to business can be found easily. However, not infrequently negative content can also be accessed by anyone, for example content of violence and gore.


Violence and gore are two words that come from English. violence is violence, while gore means thick blood. The purpose of thick blood is violence that leads to sadism. So, you could say content of violence and gore is content that presents shows that contain violence and sadism such as mutilation, cannibals, violence that spills blood, and so on.

From that understanding, this content can only be enjoyed by adults and is certainly dangerous if children watch such content. Unfortunately, various types of cyber crime in the internet make anyone able to see the horrible content, including children. Then what is the impact if children watch content like that? The following is the negative impact of internet violence and gore on child development.

1. Mental influence

Children who watch violent and sadistic content can affect them mentally. It could be that the child will imitate every scene presented and can form a child into someone who is very sadistic. Usually, he will be sadistic and violent in the weak person or animal he meets.

2. Children become traumatized

Yes, if you can form a sadistic child beforehand, then the next can be the opposite, that is, the child will feel a trauma that is very frightening to him. This of course will affect the socialization. Children who have been exposed to violent and sadistic content will assume that all people are evil and can threaten their lives.

3. Feel inferior

A sense of inferiority will also be felt by children who have seen violent and sadistic content. The minder was obtained because he felt fear that could affect his confidence. If it continues like this it can affect the association.

4. Often rages

When children suddenly go berserk and more aggressive it is one of the imitations that he does on content that smells of violence and also sadism. The child will think that going berserk is a powerful way to look strong so that he can scare the people around him.

5. Disbelief in others

Distrust in others will also arise because they feel fear and trauma they will become victims as shown in the content. he will feel that no one can be trusted and will choose to solve his own problems. This is what makes children become aggressive and often go berserk when they meet people around them.

6. Difficulty in focus

Because of the trauma found in the violent and sadistic content, the child has difficulty focusing on capturing the lesson. Each of these scenes will continue to ring in his brain. Even the worst is that the child can lose all the learning.

7. Always feel depressed

The negative impact of the next child will always feel depressions. The child will find it difficult to feel happiness and joy. In addition, his depressed attitude will make the child always feel negative feelings and there is no desire to get enthusiasm in him.

8. Strong suicidal desire

The culmination of all the negative things in him is suicide. First of all he will often hurt himself. Even hurting himself is a strong influence of the violent and sadistic content he sees. From hurting himself, he indirectly tried to end himself.

9. Reduced memory

Memory in children will also change. Usually he will experience a significant decline. Even IQ development will be hampered and even decreased. If it continues like that, the development of children’s growth will be disrupted.

10. Difficulties in child development

Violent and sadistic content also influences children’s development. In the long run, the child will experience a disruption in his health. A variety of diseases will arrive, such as heart, liver health, obesity, and even the development of the brain will be influential.

That’s the 10 negative effects of internet violence and gore on child development. Indeed, basically the content of violence and gore is not for children. The content is shown for people who are mentally healthy and already know that violence and gore is “entertainment” for him.

Therefore, for parents always be alert and take care of their children. Because the positive and negative effects of the internet will always be there. Just how we behave in facing it and know how to anticipate negative content on children so that they can be safe from the negative effects. Hopefully this article can benefit you all

8 Causes of Laptop Failure You Need to Know

Booting is the initial process of a computer or laptop before entering the main menu. Usually the boot process at first is the display of the operating system used. For example, if you use Windows 7, the Windows 7 logo will appear when the computer or laptop is turned on. The purpose of this boot process is to prepare all the components on a computer or laptop until it is finally ready for use.

However, if something happens, sometimes the computer can’t boot. This kind of event can also occur on a laptop. The characteristics of failed booting are when the laptop is turned on, there is only a blank black screen with a cursor on the top left which is only blinking. Normally after that go to the windows display that is used (can be windows XP, 7.8, and 10). However, this does not happen. the screen display remains black (sometimes blue) and there is only a blinking cursor.

This is of course very upset, especially if we are given a task that must be collected immediately. Actually you don’t need to panic because we ourselves can find out how to deal with computers that can’t boot . However, before that, we must know the cause first. Therefore, the following 8 causes failed laptop booting that you need to know.

1. Activator Windows is not right

Activator is an application created by Windows to reduce software piracy. That way when the notification will check for updates from the Windows side, our laptop can be safely used. It’s just that, this Windows Activator has various versions. If you choose the activator wrong, it will affect the laptop you are using. The result will have an effect during the boot process.

2. Uninstall applications that are not perfect

When you uninstall the application, make sure that the application is completely removed from your laptop. Because, if you are not perfect uninstall it will affect the hard drive of your laptop. Likewise with the boot process. Applications that have not been completely erased on a laptop will cause a “bug” so that the system on the disk will be interrupted.

3. Problems with the hard disk

Well, as with the second point, one of the problems on the hard drive is that there are applications that are not completely installed. In addition, problems with the hard disk can also be caused by damage to the disc inside. The cause of damage to the hard drive  can occur because it has fallen or because of its old age. Or there can also be corrupted files that cause boot failure.

4. The existence of a virus

Viruses can also make booting on laptops have problems. Viruses such as Trojans can damage the system on the computer. Even at boot time. Therefore, the need for antivirus is very important in the laptop. You can also find out the characteristics of a computer affected by a virus.

5. RAM that is too small

RAM capacity is also very influential on laptops. If the laptop is too many applications that are large in size, then it has a big impact on RAM memory. As you already know, the 512MB RAM size is too small if used in the current situation. Therefore, you should upgrade the RAM that is on the laptop so that it doesn’t last long during the boot process.

6. There is a corrupted file

Almost the same as the second point, when we install a program, sometimes there are programs or applications that fail to install. Well, applications that fail to install are corrupt file types or the Indonesian language can be said to be a damaged file. The corrupted file can disrupt the boot process on the laptop.

Understanding Brainware According to Experts and Examples!

Have you ever heard the term brainware? Maybe for people who are not too struggling in the computer world is still unfamiliar with this term. Usually people are more familiar with the term understanding software and hardware. Though brainware is also an important element.

Brainware in general is a human who controls or controls the computer. From this understanding it can be concluded that all people who use or operate a computer can be called brainware. However, not only humans. When there is a machine or an artificial intelligence that is able to automatically control a computer system, the machine or artificial intelligence can be categorized as brainware.

The definition of brainware itself can actually be even more special. For example, the definition of brainware from the company side is someone who has expertise in using or controlling computers both hardware and software. Whereas in the business world, brainware itself is a person or group of people who have intelligence and expertise in analyzing a computer network. According to some experts, the definition of brainware is as follows.

  • Azhar Susanto (2004)

Azhar Susanto argues that someone’s brainware can create, manage, and be able to run an information system.

  • Edi Purwono (2004)

According to Edi Purwono brainware is a professional expert who is directly involved in processing an information system. These experts include system analysts and programmers.

Although it has a variety of different meanings, the point remains the same, namely people who use computers. According to the company’s version ofware, there are several parts that must be included, including the following.

1. Operator

An operator is a person or several people whose job is to do service using a computer system. Services here can connect with employees within the company or can also service the outside community. The job of the operator is simply to run an existing computer system based on instructions. He has no right to modify the existing system unless he gets permission from the programmer.

2. Programmer

A programmer is someone who has intellectual or expertise in a computer system, especially in the software section. Programmers themselves have several parts, namely the front or commonly called the frontend and also the backend. Frontend itself is a service that is shown to visitors to an application or website. While the backend is the service shown to the admin so that visitors cannot see it.

3. Administrator

Well, the administrator or can also be abbreviated as admin, this is someone or several people whose job is to maintain the system that has been made by the programmer. In addition to maintaining, this admin is also fully in charge of adding or removing parts that are considered important to a system. If there is an error in the system, it is the administrator’s responsibility.

4. System analyst

System analyst is a person who is responsible for planning a server operating system , knowing the various databases , how to choose a computer server , and others. Therefore, a system analyst must have accurate and precise analytical skills. Do not let the analysis miss because it will have a big impact on the results of the system design.

5. Consultant

Consultants here are people who have extensive knowledge in the field of computers so that they can provide solutions or solutions when there are problems with the system. Every company definitely needs this consultant figure because it can provide the right and accurate answers so that problems can be resolved quickly.

6. Technician

If the programmer is in charge of overcoming things related to software, then the technician is a person or several groups in charge of dealing with things in the hardware section. Examples such as damage to the monitor screen, CPU, cables, and so forth. A technician must be able to repair it so that it can return to normal as usual.

7. Graphic design

Graphic design is the person in charge of making the design more attractive. Graphic design in general must be able to master software that is intended to make graphic designs such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and others. In addition to drawing design, graphic design is also expected to be able to make interesting animations.

8. Trainer

The trainer figure is also important because he must be able to educate and also have a lot of knowledge. It is intended that there will always be regeneration within the company. That way, people who previously did not know the world of computers became experts in the field.

9. Project manager

In a project, there must be a leader in it. Yes, the project leader or commonly referred to as a project manager is a foreman in charge of controlling and overseeing a project so that it can be in line with what has been planned.

That’s the definition of brainware according to experts and also its parts. If conclusions are drawn, the function of brainware is very important in the world of technology and information. With the existence of brainware, the network technology can run smoothly, services related to computers can be channeled properly, and can provide accurate and accurate information

10 Negative Impacts of the Internet in the Field of Government

The development of computer networks has been felt by various elements of society today. Starting from only for personal use to general use. Even now, the development of internet networks has penetrated into the field of government.

For government, the development of communication and information has progressed a lot. The progress is certainly to provide maximum service to every community. That way, the community will be facilitated more than before using information technology. The negative impact of the internet in the government is as follows.

Negative impact

1. The goal of cyber crime

Because access to government is easier, it can make a big opportunity for irresponsible individuals. One of the always threatening crimes in the internet world is cyber-crime. The actions  of various types of cyber crime can be detrimental to their own government because it could be that secret documents will be uncovered and it will threaten the area and even the country. Therefore, there is a need to prevent cyber crime from being anticipated.

2. High initial costs

To be able to maximize performance and services for the community, of course the best facilities are needed. In the context of information technology, the best quality tools are needed. Whereas to get the highest quality goods, there are not a lot of costs.

3. Knowledge of the community

Although now there are already many people who are technologically literate, the number of people who are not familiar with technology is also not small. This is certainly a separate obstacle for the government. That also has not added a place to stay that is far from internet access. It must also be considered by the local government so that information still reaches them.

4. It’s easy to spread false information

In addition to cyber crime, easy access to the internet now also opens up opportunities for individuals to disseminate false information. Fake information or cool language is hoax is one of the ways people make noise and also benefit themselves. When the election season takes place, hoax news can also be used as a weapon to bring down political opponents. Therefore, the community must be smart in sorting information and also must check the truth of the news. Because, now there are laws that can bring someone to justice if they are caught often spreading hoax news to the public.

5. Influence on the number of employees

With the development of technology like this, of course it will affect the number of employees needed. If in the past you had to need two people to serve the community, now one person could do it. Manpower needed is only as a tool operator if the tool cannot function.

6. Very dependent on internet networks

This is a definite weakness when using the internet network as a tool for service to the community. When there is a disruption to the internet network, the service process will also be disrupted. It also makes wasted time available.

7. Privacy of a country will be eroded

State privacy should be the secret of a country and not leak. Even the people don’t know about it. Because this is very dangerous for the country. Unfortunately, the rapid growth of computer networks can also threaten the country’s privacy. If in the past, only certain people could find out, now anyone can find out.

8. Opinion of Opinion

One of the bad things about the internet is that there are people who are not responsible for voting. Many people disseminate articles and also utter hate speech as if the government has never been good in its performance. The overturning of opinion certainly makes the people antipathy towards the government.

9. Misuse of social media

At present, officials also use social media to simply greet their people. In addition, the making of social media is also used to disseminate information relating to community services and only information for the public. Only some officials have misused it for personal gain. For example a covert campaign, even though the campaign period has not started or even has passed. This of course is one form of cheating.

10. The opportunity to drop each other

As in the eighth point, the easy communication distance between the government and the community can form a community towards certain politics. Unfortunately, there are only people who use certain political communities just to overthrow their political opponents. Even the existence of social media has even made the atmosphere worse and of course people have become victims again.

that’s the negative impact of the internet in the field of government. Indeed the positive and negative effects of the internet are always there and they will continue to exist. Now it depends on the people themselves. Do they feel greatly helped by the development of this technology and information? Or even the opposite, should the government not need to use technology and information? Let time be answered. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you.

How to Overcome the Easiest Cover Ink Brother Printer

Printer is one of the computer devices which is now increasingly vital to its use. Some types of printers  used in Indonesia always make the latest innovations. Starting from Canon, HP, Epson, and many more. Is Brother, a printer brand that is now popular in Indonesia. Why are Brother printers so popular? Brother printers even include the type of printer for tracing that is recommended. Apart from having good and durable features, consider some of the advantages of this Brother branded printer:

1. The print quality is sharper with good color.

Brother is a normal printer, meaning it is commonly used for document printing. But if you try to print photos using this printer, do not be surprised if the quality of the Brother print photo is very good.

2. Easy paper control.

Control here means, if you want to print on multiple pages, Brother printers can store up to 150 papers in the paper tray. Specially, you can print various paper sizes. Generally, the printer can only print a maximum size of F4. But not for Brother printers. With such a setting, Brother allows printing from a variety of paper sizes.

3. Print from mobile.

Almost all types of Brother printers are equipped with these facilities, namely printing from mobile phones or other gadgets. With no cable, you can transfer files to the printer so that the printer can print your files. This is because the Brother Printer is equipped with wireless. So you don’t need to use a cable. There are many brands of bluetooth printers available on the market, but generally as cashier printers only.

4. Print at a lower cost.

This is a very real advantage of a Brother brand. Just imagine, one time refill Brother printer ink, can print around 13000 pages. Save isn’t it? In addition, original ink compatible with Brother printers is priced at a cheap price, so that fake ink will rarely circulate.

5. High print speed.

Usually we know Epson printers as printers with high print speeds. This time there is Brother. Brother printers print at a higher speed of up to 12 ipm (image per minute) for black and white documents and 10 ipm for colored documents.

6. Easy when charging ink

There is one feature that is only owned by Brother, namely Printer Refill. This feature is designed with smart so that it helps you simplify the process when charging ink. To refill ink, you can simply open the ink tank cover. Brother printer design makes it easy for you to refill ink. You do not need to open the printer cover, then wait for the cartridge to shift to the middle, and so on. Even the ink refill angle has been made 45 degrees to minimize the possibility of ink spilling while charging.


7. Affordable prices.

This is a strong reason why Brother Printers have many users. With more complete features, good print quality, Brother has a cheaper price than other brands of printers. The price and all the facilities are very beneficial for its users.

8. A slimmer and more compact shape.

Equipped with planting ink bottles and LCDs, it does not make Brother printers have large bodies. This printer is precisely a printer that is easily placed anywhere, even if you have a fairly narrow place. The form of a Brother printer is relatively smaller than other printers, you only need a smaller place than other printers.

9. Warranty.

When you modify the printer, the warranty will usually expire. But not for Brother printers. You still get a warranty when you have modified the Brother Printer. If you leave the printer without modification, you will get a 2 year warranty. Whereas if you modify it, you get a 1 year warranty.

10. Easy to overcome when an error.

Brother printers are equipped with LCD so you don’t need to be confused when suddenly your printer has an error. With instructions through the LCD, you will be notified of the problem that made Brother printers an error. In addition, this printer is designed to be very user friendly. So you will not lose when the printer is a sudden error.

One of the Brother printer error problems is the ‘close ink cover’ notification. This problem occurs usually because when we pull the paper slot, the cover that is on the side accidentally is interested. A ‘close ink cover’ message will appear on the Brother LCD printer. In addition, this problem can occur because of the lack of sensitivity of the sensor for the cartridge so that it cannot detect the state of the cartridge that is actually closed.

Here are the Ways to Overcome Brother Close Ink Cover Printers:

  1. The first step you have to do is remove the cartridge on the Brother printer. Remove the cartridge one by one, then reinstall it. If it remains an error, it means that the printer sensor cannot detect a normal cartridge.
  2. If you have a problem with the sensor, you can do the next step. Remove all cartridges and also the cartridge sensor hook next to it. After that, reinstall everything. Install the cartridge and sensor correctly.
  3. Look at the printer’s reaction whether it has detected the cartridge correctly. If so, do cleaning on the printer. Check or test by printing your document.
  4. If the previous step cannot overcome, you can do the next method. Now it’s time for you to remove all Brother printer covers. Don’t forget to release the cartridge too.
  5. Reinsert the cover one by one, the cartridge too.
  6. To insert the cartridge, usually the LCD printer will order to enter certain colors. Just follow the printer instructions.
  7. After successfully entering all cartridges, reinstall all printer covers.
  8. When it’s finished, you can try your Brother printer again.
  9. Do the cleaning and test by printing several documents.

That’s How to Overcome Brother Printer Close Ink Cover. The above problems include easy problems and the most common experience with Brother Printers. Furthermore, to avoid the above problems, you should be more careful not to be careless when doing activities with the printer. When you have to open the cover of the printer, do it carefully. When closing it again, make sure the cover is completely closed. When did you open the printer cover? When you have to fill ink. So you do this. And if the problem is not resolved, you must be patient and patient to continue to overcome it.

11 Advantages and Disadvantages of PHP for Users

Hello friend, loyal reader, IT lecturer, In this article I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of PHP. PHP or abbreviation for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language developed specifically for web development. PHP can be used in conjunction with HTML to create a website. (read also: The Most Popular Web Programming Language  )

As one of the web programming languages, PHP certainly has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of PHP as a web programming language:


1. Having a large community

Which web programmer doesn’t know PHP, all the most uncertain web programmers have tried PHP. There are many websites that use PHP as a programming language to make web applications or websites. Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress are examples of well-known websites that use PHP. Forums to discuss and also exchange ideas in PHP programming have also appeared on various sites. Most lectures in the IT field teach PHP as an initial programming language for students studying in website development (see also: List of Informatics Engineering Courses )

2. Easy to Learn

PHP is easy to install and configure. making it an entry level programming language that is easy to learn for someone who is just starting to learn web development. Tutorial to start learning PHP programming can be obtained easily online, at a bookstore, or at a website development course guidance institution.

3. Fast development

Making applications using PHP is much faster than developing web applications using other programming languages. lots of tools, boilers that are open source available for the PHP programming language. this speeds up the process from start to finish a web application creation project.

4. Compact

For web programmers who have tried ASP or java languages, they certainly know this one advantage well. Starting from the install process that does not need excessive settings, configuration with an easy database. until the development process that does not require compile time. making PHP feels very concise and practical in contrast to other programming languages ​​that require a compilation process to be able to see websites that have finished making the code. In fact, the php programming language can be used in html documents, hmm it isn’t concise. (read also: HTML Basics )

5. Easy maintenance

Once a web using PHP is running, programmers can easily update from PHP software easily if necessary. because of the nature of PHP which is an interpreter. Web applications created using PHP can easily be upgraded to the PHP version without having to recompile the source code. very different from other programming languages ​​that require recompilation if upgrading a version of a programming language. PHP can also run on various types of web servers such as Apache, Nginx, and IIS. (read also: Understanding Web Server According to Experts  )

6. Open Source

PHP is a project Open source with licenses issued by PHP groups, namely PHP license V3.01. The essence of this license is that every PHP program user is free to use PHP for free without having to give any royalties to the PHP group but still must include licenses for PHP owned by PHP Group. In other words, as long as the user of the PHP program does not recognize that the PHP product is made, the purchase of programs that use PHP is permitted without having to pay for any licenses.

7. Rapid Development

Because of the open source nature of PHP, many large open source project projects have emerged that use PHP such as Prestashop, WordPress, Drupal, and others. This is a very big advantage for people who master PHP programming. With the vast development of PHP, the opportunity for business or work in the field of PHP programming is very broad


1. Lots of competition

Many communities certainly bring intense competition. The web developers who master PHP every day are increasing. But this deficiency should be a driver for business people who want IT products to use PHP as a programming language used to develop business applications because the opening of PHP programmers is very competitive and every day more and more

2. Easy to plow

Because of the nature of PHP which is an interpreter, the source code of the PHP application can be easily modified and changed its function. this makes PHP unsuitable for developing applications if the application owner has source code that wants to be kept confidential.

Although there are ways to secure the source code that uses the PHP programming language, but it requires a paid extension issued by Zend a corporation in the field of PHP programming.

3. Impressively less prestigious

Entry level which is at the beginner level, which is easy to learn by novice programmers makes the PHP programming language seem less prestigious when compared to other web programming languages ​​that seem more difficult to use. Web applications generated from the use of the PHP programming language seem less secure and have loopholes. But actually this is due to a factor of developers who might not have fully studied how the standards and how to make the correct application using PHP. In terms of performance, PHP programming and other programming if used with the correct standards and applications, will produce a quality web application

4. There is no data type in PHP

PHP does not have a data type. this makes sometimes when using the PHP programming language an undesired bug bug appears related to the absence of standard data types in php. for example the data “1000” and “1e3” if compared will have the same data type because implicitly the data is changed to floating point. but this disadvantage is very much related to the experience of developers who use the PHP programming language. developers who are experts certainly understand well how to overcome this problem.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the PHP programming language that I can summarize.

16 Causes of Unstable Internet Connection

In this modern age, we can get information easily. Starting from the latest news, socializing with social media, sending e-mail, watching streaming videos, and more. We can do all these activities with a device, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop or computer. Of course, all these activities are helped by an internet connection.

Yup, the internet has become a necessity for people today. To support all daily activities, we need a stable, good and safe internet connection.

Along with the development of the times, the average speed of internet access in Indonesia is increasing. For now, the average speed has reached 2MB. However, this is still not enough. Many still wonder why the internet connection used is unstable, whether on a smartphone, laptop or computer.

Relax, on this occasion we will review this matter. Let’s see the reviews together.

1. Auto Update Application Still Active

The cause of the unstable internet connection is the first auto update feature that lights up when we connect our smartphone or laptop to the internet. This feature makes the system automatically update the installed applications or software. Therefore, it would be good for you to turn off this auto update feature.

2. Bad Cellular Signals

Almost all cellular telecommunications providers currently support 3G and 4G technology, which are claimed to have better speeds. However, this will be very contradictory if the signal conditions in the area where you live are bad. This will be very natural if you live in remote areas that have not been touched by good cellphone signals. But, what if you live in an urban area? Maybe the network conditions in your area are declining.

3. Application Notification Still Active

Especially for smartphone users, usually some applications that we install will bring up notifications about the latest activities of the application. These applications will usually send a notification on our smartphone if there is a message that just arrived. We recommend that you turn off notification of this application in the settings of your smartphone.

4. The Device Does Not Support 4G

Although most cellphones support 3G and 4G technology, there are still many of us who have mobile phones that only support 2G technology. Maybe, the device you are using is one of them. If so, that’s why the internet connection you use is very slow. Try to use the best 4G modem that we recommend on this site.

5. There is Maintenance

This problem is rare. However, when network operators perform maintenance on their devices, it can often affect internet connection speed and cellular signal strength. You don’t worry, because this maintenance is temporary. After all, maintenance is done so that the network you use can still operate properly and optimally.

6. Ping Too Big

If the internet ping to the intrnet network operator’s server is too large, then your internet speed can be unstable. For you gamers, you may be very aware of this. A good ping is a ping whose latency is small. The smaller the number of pings, the more stable the internet connection that we use. This small ping is also useful for accessing overseas sites whose servers are located overseas.

7. Application – Auto Run application

Well, the cause of this one is the most influential, both on smartphones or on laptops and computers. Applications or software that runs automatically can sometimes suck our data packages without our knowledge. This can cause an unstable internet connection, even though we are just browsing the internet normally or just watching streaming video.

8. Virus Infected Device

The cause of this one is related to the previous point. Where, the application inserted by the virus will silently use the internet on our device automatically.

This usually happens because of the habit of downloading applications from untrusted sources. The application is susceptible to virus insertion and can steal our data. Yup, the virus requires an internet connection because the activities of this application are stealing data and then sent to the owner of the application.

In addition, if you “stray” to pornographic sites, it turns out that some sites that smell like “such” are inserted by viruses, spam, malware, and others. So that it can consume bandwidth and slow down internet connections. This is a feature of the browser hit by a virus .

To fix this, uninstall the application that inserted the virus. Also, make sure you have installed the antivirus application and the official application on your device.

9. Exposed to Speed ​​Limitation

Our internet speed will usually be limited if you exceed the specified data usage limit. This usually happens because the unlimited package that you use has reached the FUP (Fair Usage Policy), or the limit of internet traffic from the data package that you use.

10. Your device is slow

Internet connection is clearly affected by device performance. The healthier the hard drive, the prime processor, and a stable motherboard can make browsing activities even smoother. Usually, if your device is already exhausted when opening a browser before connecting to the internet, chances are that when it is connected your device will run slowly.

11. Bad weather

Bad weather conditions, such as heavy rain, can disrupt internet connections, especially for those of you who use cellular networks. This happens because the data received from an ISP (Internet Service Provider) will be hampered to your device.

12. Overload Traffic

The overload of data traffic on a computer network makes the switch device, router, or access point overload. So that data collisions become unavoidable. Try to use the internet at the time when everyone is resting, which is between 9pm and 6am.

13. Stacking the Browser Waste

When we surf the internet, our device will store data in the form of cache, browsing history, download history, and cookies. If it continues to accumulate, these data will become garbage that will slow down the performance of the device. Therefore, you should delete these data.

The way if Mozilla users are as follows:

  • Click Tools> Clear private data> Clear private data now

If you use the Opera browser, so the way is as follows:

  • Click Tools> Delete private data> Delete

If you only use Internet Explorer, the method is to click Tools> Internet Options> Delete cookies> Clear history. In addition to via a browser, you can also delete browser data using tweaking tools such as CCleaner, TuneUp Utilities, and others.

14. Loose Cable Connection

Try to check the modem cable or LAN cable connected to your device. Are the cables you use old, pinched or folded? Well, this is a problem that often occurs on LAN networks . As for those of you who use a USB modem, try checking the USB connection on the port of your device.

10 Habits of Cause of Charger Cable Damaged on Smartphone and Laptop

Chargers are important things to charge batteries on cellphones, laptops and other electronic items. Without a charger, we will find it difficult to use functions on smartphones, laptops and more if the battery runs out.

Surely we will be very emotional when the smartphone or laptop battery is used up and when using a charger, it suddenly can’t be used. In fact, a few days ago, the charger was not problematic and could still be used. If we look at it, the cause of a dead charger can occur due to several factors, including our habit of treating chargers. What kind of habits cause the charger to break? following his presentation.

1. One charger for all

This is one of the habits that are often carried out by people. Even though it is very clear in the user guide that one charger is only specifically used on one device. Why is it like that? Because, each device has a difference in the electrical current required.

For example, if the charger only uses 7 volts while the battery on the smartphone requires a current of 10 volts, then this will affect the current received on the battery. That also hasn’t been used for other devices with different currents. As a result, the charger gets hot quickly and causes the components in it to break quickly.

2. Input that is not perfect

When the charger is inserted into the charger hole of a device, there must be a “click” sound. Because the sound indicates the input is right so that the electric current can enter the device perfectly. Well, if the charger cable does not come to the “click” sound when the charger is connected to the device, the incoming current will not be perfect. This causes the travo section to be damaged.

3. The quality of the charger is bad

Some people don’t really care about the quality of a charger. Because, for them to be able to just hit it is enough. Though the quality of the charger is very influential on the electronic components of the device used. A poor quality charger will break quickly if used every day. In addition, it can also damage the electrical components of the device

4. Unplug the charger too rough

The charger is designed to not be easily separated from the device. So people will pull the charger loud and rough. Because of that habit, every time you will pull out the charger always with harsh treatment. Even though this actually makes the charger will be damaged quickly. Therefore, if the charger is deemed very difficult to remove, you must remove it slowly.

5. Roll on the charger

After the charger has been used, people will usually roll it up. Well, how to roll the charger cable is not careless. There is a technique in rolling up the charger cable. The trick is to roll the cable as well as roll the roller cable in general. This method can make the charger last longer.

6. Careless storage

It is often seen that the charger cable after use is always stored at random. Even though storing a charger cannot be done carelessly. The charger must be stored in a cool place and avoid the sun directly. This is done so that the component parts inside the charger are not “burned”.

In addition to careless storage, when carrying a charger must also be considered. Do not let the charger be crushed with other objects, especially sharp objects. It can also make the quality of the charger become damaged quickly.

7. Often use the device while cas

If you follow the rules, when the device is being charged, do not play until the battery is fully charged. Because, if you play the device when it is charged, it can make the battery life shorter. In addition, the Charger will also be more easily damaged. Therefore, we must put a brake on our desire to use the device while checking if it really wants a charger and the device is more durable.

8. Check out overnight

This is also a habit that is often done by many people. Usually done at night and will be revoked in the morning. Even though it was spent overnight, it was very influential on the battery and charger. If done continuously, it can affect battery life and charger.

9. The charger is not removed at the socket

For people who are in a hurry, usually just take the device, while the charger remains attached to the socket. You need to know, such habits will make the charger quickly damaged. because the electricity stays in the charger. As a result, the electrical components inside will work continuously so that the charger is quickly damaged.

10. Check in a hot place.

smartphones are very sensitive to temperature. If the temperature in the room is hot, automatic, the smartphone is also hot. Therefore, when we charge a smartphone in a room where the temperature is high, you should not do it. Because, together with the sixth point, it is charged in a place where high temperatures can affect the components inside the charger and smartphone. This is the cause of Android’s fast heat and accelerate the age of the battery and charger.

That’s the habit of causing a broken charger cable on a smartphone. Although there is a replacement charger cable that has the same quality, but the price is quite expensive. You also have to follow how to extend the life of your Android battery and also how to repair a bad HP battery . So, instead of buying a new one, isn’t it easier to care for it? Hopefully this article is useful for all of you.